2012 Editorial Calender

2012 Editorial Calender Topics

During the calendar year 2012, we do not plan on having a formal editorial calendar that is associated with a specific topic for a specific month’s issue.  We instead will rely on our contributors to supply topical and current articles whenever they arises.  However we do encourage suppliers and authors of articles to first contact the publisher to insure that your article will be in fact utilized in the publication.

In terms of editorial topics, we’re hearing that providers hospitals-nursing homes-homecare agencies – physician practices will all be coming together in CT under a new ASO payment model under state Medicaid and will create new relationships called Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), medical homes and health homes where patient-centered care will be delivered in a virtually-coordinated way with electronic health records. This topic can be explored and reported on.

Here are some other thoughts:

  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Healthcare Reform: What’s Next?
  • Trends to Watch in 2011-2012
  • Delivering Greater Value
  • Improving Teamwork
  • Strategy Focused Governance
  • Beyond Strategic Planning
  • Transforming Hospital culture
  • Meaningful Use
  • Quality and Patient Safety
  • Excelling in Outcomes and Patient Experience
  • Emerging Models of Physician Engagement
  • Managing Population Health
  • Improved Performance Leveraging Clinical Information System
  • Health Care Disparities – look at differences in access and quality of care for different populations. Deborah Prothrow-Stith at Harvard School of Public Health and others have published extensively. Many initiatives in Boston area to reduce health care disparities. One run out of ABCD is the Community Health Worker Initiative. I could write about this.
  • Youth Violence as a Public Health Issue – Violence is a public health issue because of its tremendous impact on the health and well-being of our youth. A lot of data and scrutiny on this issue.
  • HIV-STD prevention – update and focus on biggest problem areas.
  • Harvard University’s Center for Health and the Global Environment – was founded in 1996 – not much written about it – could see what they are up to – would like to see HealthCare Review look at environmental influences on health care – I don’t have time to research now but will do so if you are interested and focus on some specific topics
  • Obama Health Plan – where is it and what can we expect….
  • Lyme Disease update – my daughter-in-law is struggling with chronic Lyme’s – it went undiagnosed for several months – false negative tests – which is fairly common I guess. Anyway – very frustrating situation. No cure. Bad symptoms. Impacts the whole family etc etc.  Maybe there is a physician who deals with Lymes who could do an update?
  • We welcome your suggestions to other topics that we may have overlooked yet that have a great interest and importance to our audience.

Deadline for copy is last Friday of each month.

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